Vibrant, playful, Brazilian – that’s Forró de KA. Since 2012, the band has been living up dance floors all over Europe. Their unmistakable sound knows no boundaries. Here, cultures, languages and rhythms merge into a unique mix, from traditional Brazilian Forró to reggae, jazz, rock, tango and more. For all ears, hearts and hips.

The band Forró de KA has already played in 9 countries and more than 40 cities – from Aachen to Zurich, from Lisbon to Novosibirsk, via Berlin, Brussels, Bordeaux, Dublin, Lyon, St. Petersburg and Vienna and of course in their adopted home Karlsruhe. Forró de KA is a well-known and loved in the Forró scene in Europe, and is also a sought-after act at larger cultural events – such as the ‘Tollwood Festival’ in Munich, the ‘Festival of African Culture’ in Frankfurt, the ‘Festival of International Understanding’ and ‘Das Fest’ in Karlsruhe.

Forró, immaterial cultural heritage of Brazil, is a popular and danceable music genre traditionally played with accordion, triangle and zabumba (bass drum). In Forró de KA’s music flute, and sometimes electric bass and even a violin also join in.

The name “Forró de KA” is a play on words with the abbreviation of the German city Karlsruhe (KA), the hometown of the band, and the sound of the word “cá”, which means “here” in Portuguese. Forró from Karlsruhe – Forró from here.

Forró de KA combines tradition and innovation. The group’s uniqueness and creativity becomes most apparent when, in addition to traditional Forró and international hits adapted to the Forró style, they also focus on their own compositions. Here the professional musicians bring in their very individual influences.

It all began with a chance meeting of two Brazilian musicians in Karlsruhe. Singer and composer Italo Caramuru and flautist Vítor Diniz ran into each other at a concert of the singer. Fate was serious: shortly after, the two saw each other again at another chance meeting. After that, it didn’t take long and Forró de KA was born. Through their music, they were able to bring a part of their homeland to Germany and share their passion. Over time, other like-minded musicians joined them: Alex Almeida (accordion) and Johann Oliveira (zabumba).

Praised by the audience and professional jury, in April 2018 the band received a first prize at the International Open Accordion Competition in the category of World Music Band in Trossingen (Germany).

In 2017, Forró de KA released their first long-awaited album ‘Revolution’, which was celebrated both in Brazil and Europe, opening doors and hearts for the musicians.

In 2024, the band is hosting a fantastic festival in its chosen home Karlsruhe, when they will release long-awaited new original songs!


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